Winter Skin Pick Me Ups with Caudalie

January 9, 2015

Winter Skin Pick Me Ups with Caudalie

I’ve always been a huge fab of using facial oils in my skincare routine, I like the way they make my skin feel and how they can have the same great affects as a moisturiser without the need for a heavy feeling on the skin.

Just before Christmas I started using two new night oils from Caudalie. I have been alternating between the two each night and my skin has been feeling so good over the cold month that we’ve had.

These are both so perfect to add into daily skincare routines and make lovely additions to pamper evenings with the girls.

The two new night oils are 100% plant-derived and contain no artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives or synthetic ingredients, perfect for those of us that like to keep things more natural!

First up, the Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil, designed for overworked and stressed out skin it’s made with a stunning blend of anti-oxidant grape seed, regenerating rose hip, purifying neroli, soothing lavender and detoxifying carrot oils, the complexion is smoother, recharged and fresh upon waking.

Winter Skin Pick Me Ups with Caudalie

Second, the Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil is designed for dry and sensitive skin and is jam packed full with a unique blend of 6 active and 100% natural rose, palmarosa, sesame, rosemary, jojoba and grape seed oils which melt into skin to nourish the epidermis deep down, repair the skin barrier and soothe sensitive skin. Upon awakening the skin is smooth, restored and more resilient.

Winter Skin Pick Me Ups with Caudalie

Overall, we’ve both been really impressed with these. They have both provided a wonderful amount of hydration to my skin without making my skin flair up at all. They’ll definitely staying in my winter skincare routine!

Both are available directly from Caudalie and come in 30ml bottles, the Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil being £29 and the Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil is slightly cheaper at just £26.

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  • Reply Linda

    I love using night oils on my skin and even more so at this time of year when my skin tends to get so much drier. I’d love to try one of these out, love the bottles and colours.

    Thanks you such a great post!

  • Reply Alexia

    They both sound so luxurious and lovely!

  • Reply rebekah rose

    I’d love to try the detox one out. My skin has becomes a little ‘shot’ over the holidays. xx

  • Reply Jasmine

    lovely post and photos as always. these look great!

  • Reply Charlotte Hope

    wow they both sound so lovely

  • Reply Emily R

    I love facial oils, they’re great! The Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil sounds like just what I need right now. You have such a beautiful blog xxx

  • Reply Amber L

    I have the Polyphenol Oil and love it. I love how quickly it soaks into my skin and how it makes my skin look and feel in the morning. Such a lovely blog post xxx

  • Reply Zeynab

    I love facial oils, especially during the colder months. The vinosource il sounds perfect for my skin, I am definitely going to check it out.
    Great review.
    Zeynab xx
    The Beautifully Disastrous

  • Reply Caroline Aiers

    The recovery oil sounds really good!

  • Reply The Pretty Mommy

    I really want to try the Polyphenol C15 oil. Sounds so good and I think my skin would love it! xxx

  • Reply Roxy

    These oils look and sound gorgeous. xxx

  • Reply Zoe landly

    Wonderful post. I’ve been wondering about these for a few weeks, think I’ll be going with the green one now 🙂 xx

  • Reply Angeline

    I love the Overnight Detox Oil! Makes my skin feel so good xx

  • Reply Joan

    I’m obsessed with Caudalie at the moment! These both sound so good.

  • Reply Heather Nixon

    Caudalie is one of my favourite french skincare brands x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  • Reply Zoe Clark

    These are both so good. I have both of them too and swap them every night like you do! Love your photos xxx

  • Reply Maxine Roadden

    I have been using the Recovery Oil for a week now and it’s making my skin feel so nice and look so much better then usual. Lovely product. x

  • Reply Amelia Beaumont

    These both look and sound so nice. I have been using facial oils for the past 4 years and it’s stopped so many skin problems that I used to have. Wold love to try these out. x

  • Leave a Reply