Yon-Ka Serum Vital

June 30, 2014

I may or may not have mentioned before that I have loved using facial oils and serums lately. I love how they make my skin look and feel and how much more controlled my skin is when I use them.

I came across a brand that I had never heard of before and had a little chat with a lovely lady from the companies PR who asked if I’d like to try out some products and also advised me on what she thought would be best for my skin type. I was very intrigued by the products so of course I said yes.

In come Yon-Ka and their Serum Vital…

Yon-Ka Serum Vital

The Yon-Ka Serum Vital will transform your complexion, with a cocktail of no less than 24 essential amino acids to fight dryness and dehydration and to boost brightness while smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. Skin is revealed visibly softer, plumped with moisture and altogether revitalised.

Those of you that follow my blog already know about the dry patched of skin I get as well as then dark spots I have from where blemished had dried up and left marks behind. I was told that this would be the best thing to combat those problems and oh my goodness where they right!! My skin looks so much brighter, less dull and so radiant and supple.

With essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, geranium and cypress it’s no wonder the Yon-Ka Serum Vital smells delightfully floral yet delicate.

Yon-Ka Serum Vital

The skincare experts at Yon-Ka who developed this all-new concentrated formula recommend using Serum Vital in the morning and/or evening instead of your usual cream after periods of intense fatigue, exposure to sunlight or emotional stress.

The Yon-Ka Serum Vital has a whooping price tag of £76.00 for 30 ml but as with all face oils and serums a little does go ever such a long way so it will last a very long time.

PR Sample

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  • Reply Charlotte

    Oh wow, I haven’t heard of these before.. Looks like a really nice product. Char xx

  • Reply Hedi jane

    I have a thing for serums, love using them day and night and love that this one can be used at both times of day. I could see myself paying that amount for it as the ingredients sound like they’re really good quality. Great Post and such a good find!! x

  • Reply Samantha

    What a great looking and sound product! I haven’t heard of this company before but think I’ll be checking into a spa that has their products for my birthday in August. Would love to see how well this works on my moody skin. xx

  • Reply Holly

    I’ve tired some Yon Ka products about 5 months ago while at a spa and thought they were amazing. I didn’t realise you could buy them though…very happy know I know you can!! xxx

  • Reply Sammy

    Would love to try this. It sounds really nice, bet it would do my skin the world of good too!

    Sammy x

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