You Are My Sunshine Playroom Design Inspiration

July 7, 2013

This week I thought I would do a design inspiration board for a playroom using fun colours and soft furnishings. I call this one you are my sunshine.

Sunshine Playroom

1~Samsung SNH-1010N SmartCam WiFi Video Baby Monitor

2~Faux Fur Bean Bag

3~Pkolino Tabletop Easel

4~Words To Live By Prints

5~ECR4Kids 7 Piece Big Blocks

6~P’Kolino Playroom Table and Chair Set

7~Anji Mountain Silky Shag Rug

8~Sweden 3 Seater Sofa

9~BRANÄS Basket

We don’t have a separate playroom in this house but if we did I would make sure we did something super special for the kiddies. I love playrooms that are  filled with soft furnishings such as bean bags, rugs and sofas – all of these can be quite pricey but it really is worth it.

One of the main things we get a problem with our children playing in the lounge is things like pen, food and drink get on our sofas so I would say not to go too far out on the sofa price for your playroom. You could always try somewhere like Hello Sofas that sell great quality sofas at a good price then if your children draw on, rip apart or even eat your sofa it won’t be too much to replace it.

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